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Only the best materials are being used. Quality and durability are the key concepts. Also, all of our jewelry are highly allergy friendly.


The used materials are : gold filled and heavy gold plated.






- What is gold filled?


Gold filled comes the closest to real gold because of its strength, durability and beauty. It means that a layer of 14-karat gold is mechanically connected by heat and pressure to a base metal until a certain thickness of gold is achieved. This thickness must be at least 1/20 of the total weight.


All gold filled jewelry and findings on this site are 14 carat gold filled which means that 5% of the total weight consists out of 14 carat gold.


If being used normally, the gold won’t wear off and will last a lifetime.


- What is  gold plated?


The base metal of gold plated jewelry and/or findings is usually copper, brass or another metal.


The durabilty will depend on how much the piece of jewelry is being worn and on the thickness of the gold layer. Lots of jewelry are plated with a very thin layer of gold so that the gold easily wears off.


All our gold plated jewelry and findings  were plated with a much thicker layer of 18 carat gold  than most jewelry so that they will last much longer.




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